The Lens Flipper Versatile for Fuji X Lenses

The Lens Flipper Versatile for Fuji X Lenses

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The Lens Flipper Versatile, LFV for short, is that one lens carry system that is easily adapted to other carry systems like Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier, Hold Fast Gear, and Black Rapid. 

We have removed the strap and put a quarter 20 mounting point so you can add a spider ball, Cotton Carrier Hub, Hold Fast Gear Accessory Loop, or Black Rapid's Fastnr5

For use on a strap like a camera bag or backpack, the Spider X Backpack Kit or the Cotton Carrier Strapshot.

For use on a belt system The Spider X (or Spider X BackPack Kit) and the Cotton Carrier Wanderer are a few choices.

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