Introducing the Lens Flipper Versatile!

The Lens Flipper Versatile

The Lens Flipper Versatile, LFV for short, is the Lens Flipper that... 

  • Great when you just need that extra lens. Lots of times I don't want to carry my camera bag but want two lenses. This is small and does the trick. Perfect for street photography and outside events. Holds lens securely

  • This gadget has made my life so much easier!!! I have recommended it to family and friends who are into photography.

  • Amazing product. Great and easy way to carry an extra lens.

  • This is honestly a really ingenious idea and works really well

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Introducing the Lens Flipper Versitile. The newest device in our collection! The LFV works with Spider, Cotton Carrier, Hold Fast Gear, and many other carry systems! Use the LFV on a Backpack Strap, camera Bag Strap, Belt System or Carabiner.

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The Original Lens Flipper

Our Original Lens Flipper, The Double Sided Locking Rear Lens Cap With a Strap.

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Carry Systems

Mounting soulutions for the LFV From Companies like Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier, and Hold Fast Gear

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Straps and Caps

Uni Cap

One Lens Cap. Universal for all cameras 


Straps for the Lens Flipper and cameras 

The Lens Flipper by GoWing

We are the Original!

  • Legal stuff

    The Lens Flipper® is protected under the US Patent Law with a US Patent # 9,632,396 B2 as well as other international patents. 

  • More legal stuff

    The Lens Flipper® is a registered trade mark by GoWIng USA, LLC

  • Even more legal stuff

    Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Spider Holster, Spider X, Cotton Carrier, Hold Fast Gear, and Black Rapid are registered trade marks of their respective companies. GoWing USA does not claim any of these as their own.