Introducing the New Lens Flipper Versatile!

A new Lens Flipper System that works with Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier, and Hold Fast Gear!

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The Lens Flipper Versatile! Finaly a Lens Flipper that works with Spider, Cotton, Hold Fast and Black Rapid. Please help support the campaign on Indigogo"

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There is more than one way to use the Lens Flipper®

Use with a strap

Each Lens Flipper® comes with a strap. This allows you to hang your Lens Flipper® off your shoulder.  

Use the Lens Flipper® with just about any camera carry system

You can easily adapt the Lens Flipper® into about any work flow. You can use it with harness systems like Black Rapid, Hold Fast Gear, and Custom SLR. 

Add a Carabiner

And use your Lens Flipper® on a backpack, bag, or belt. 

The Lens Flipper®

Leave the bag behind. Sure there are times when you need your loaded bag. There are other times you just need your camera and 2nd lens. The Lens Flipper® makes it super easy to carry your second lens. It also makes changing your lens quicker, safer and easier. 

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The Uni Cap

Large Uni Cap

The Large Uni Cap will fit filter sizes from 67mm to 84mm

Small Uni Cap

The Small Uni Cap will fit filter sizes from 43mm to 62mm. It comes in black and in black and white

The Uni Cap

The Uni Cap solves hunting for the right lens cap.

Our large Uni Cap will fit filter sizes 67mm 84mm

Our small Uni Cap will fit filter sizes 43mm to 62mm


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