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From Jayson at Sep 30, 2016

How dose it work with Blackrapid system..

Hello Jayson,
You can use the Lens Flipper with either the Double R or Yettie Strap. Just attach the latch hook to one of the triangle ends of the Lens Flipper.

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From Michelle at Sep 20, 2016

So then, does the strap support just slide over things or is there a fastener system for it? It's somewhat difficult to tell in the photographs. Thanks!

The Pad folds over a belt and does not secure to it self. We have used this system with heavy 70-200 2.8 Lenses with an issue

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From Michelle at Sep 19, 2016

How wide is the opening for the strap/belt loops? Wondering if this will work with the Spider Holster.

Yes, this will work with the Spider Holster. It slips over the belt. Word of caution, remove the Pad and Lens Flipper Clip before undoing your Spider Holster.

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From David A at Sep 5, 2016

Where is your Fujifilm version? I've read about it but don't see it on your site.

Why is your Lens Flipper and & Clip bundle $20 more than Peak Design Capture Lens bundle?

Hello David,
We are hoping to release the Fuji X System by the end of Sept. We are waiting on production issues.
The Lens Flipper is the original double sided locking device. While PD has a variation our product, there are some differences. The price difference very well could be the quality of the materials used.

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From Sebastian Förstel at Jul 20, 2016

Is the Strap for the Flipper included?

Yes, All lens flippers come with a strap, even if it's with the clip bundle.

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