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GoWing Awarded Utility Patent for Camera Lens Management Device

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GoWing Awarded Utility Patent for Camera Lens Management Device

The Lens Flipper is available online for most major camera platforms

Las Vegas, NV – April 25, 2017GoWing USA, LLC., provider of the the Lens Flipper™, a lens management system, announces the award of United States Utility Patent No. 9,632,396, entitled “Camera Lens Storage and Exchange Device,” having a priority date of March 25, 2013. The patent protects GoWing USA, LLC. from unauthorized sellers, and assures customer confidence in their trademarks and brand.

The Lens Flipper™ is a camera accessory designed to facilitate quick-changing and secure handling for interchangeable photographic lenses. The Lens Flipper™ has precise construction and durable materials allowing photographers to safely keep multiple lenses at hand for quick changes, thereby replacing the necessity of carrying multiple camera bodies. GoWing USA, LLC. offers the Lens Flipper™ configured for Canon, Nikon, Sony A, Sony E, Fuji X, Pentax K, and Micro Four Thirds mount systems.

“The Lens Flipper™ is a simple and powerful idea, and was designed by photographers, for photographers,” said Doug Kranz, CEO of GoWing USA, LLC. “Given the worldwide success of our patented design, we are eager to reach out to retailers carrying unauthorized versions of our patented product, and to bring them the authentic Lens Flipper™”

The Lens Flipper™ is available online at lensflipper.com, and through authorized resellers.

About GoWing USA

GoWing USA, LLC, provides products that lets photographers do what they love without equipment getting in the way. GoWing’s flagship product is the Lens Flipper™, a camera accessory that facilitates secure handling and quick changes for expensive lenses. The symbol of GoWing is an albatross, known for it’s dazzling wingspan and ability to fly over long distances. The GoWing Albatross encourages employees, customers, and followers of the brand to give flight to their dreams.

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