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thinkTank Photo’s Mirrorless Mover 25I

My wife and I love to go to Disney Parks. I love Photography. I hate carrying my 1DMK III into the Parks. And as a photographer, there are times I just don’t need the speed or features of a big DSLR. That’s why I just picked up a Sony A6000 and a 55-210 MM lens along with the 18-50MM the camera came with. The camera I may review in another post. But having a new fun camera I needed a smaller bag. Thus, I have the Mirrorless Mover 25I.

Key features that sold me on this camera bag:

  • Enough room for the lens with a Lens Flipper on it.
  • inserts easy to move when needed
  • Carry an iPad Mini
  • Enough room left over for all the extra junk I tend to carry
  • Belt loop for a belt
  • Removable Strap

First, when you put a Lens Flipper on a Lens, it suddenly becomes taller. Many bags are so tight that it’s just not possible with standing a long lens up. This bag easily fits my Sony 55-210 with the Lens Flipper.

When I am done shooting something, I usually do not want the hassle of having to change the lens to make it fit back in the bag. The inserts in the 25I are easy to re-position. The pictures below illustrate this best of what I mean.

I am a technology junky. I almost always have my iPad Mini with me. But carrying 2 bags some times is just not convent. My iPad has a great little home called the App House. I guess you can say that it’s vacation home is the Mirror-less Mover. There is enough room for my gear and my iPad with a Zagg Keyboard (that’s another blog entry). There are some awesome features on the Sony A6000 that works great with mobile devices. My phone is to small at times to do the extra editing I may want to do on the fly. But who wants to carry a camera bag and a tablet case?

Depending on what I am shooting, there are times I want to carry my bag on a belt. While I wish the 25I had the same kind of belt attachment flaps of the Hubba Hubba Hiney or Speed Changer, I can understand that thinkTank Photo wanted to make a sleek bag.

The strap is nice and thin, but is long enough that no mater how you wear it, it’s comfortable. I do wish it was a bit wider to make it easier to accommodate the Clip for the Lens Flipper, but I have enough straps, finding something that will work should not be a problem.

I carry stuff. extra batteries, battery charger, drink mix for water, hand sanitizer, blood glucose testing kit, kitchen sink, iPhone Camera Lens Attachments. Heck I could just use a thinkTank Photo Belt system. But who wants to look like a photo dork at Disney? Oh wait, do these ears make me look like a dork? (disclaimer when I wear my belt system while shooting, I look like a working professional, when I wear my ears in a Disney Park, I look like a fun loving tourist. When I wear them both together, my wife claims not to know me) The solution is the thinkTank Mirrorless Mover 25I

Pictures to be posted soon.