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Huge Flippin’ Give Away-Mag Mod


The MagMod 2 Basic Kit contains everything you need to take your flash photography game to the next level. Thanks to the invisibily awesome powers of rare-earth neodymium magnets, the MagMod system attaches securely, quickly and quietly to virtually any flash.Q4bU1jPahjUwviTb8pMV0erv9DJQ4tM9zwtNcDTVo8w

Don’t have time to fiddle with light modifiers? Throw on a MagMod in less than a second. 
Need to switch modifiers in the middle of a shoot? 
Swap them out without breaking a sweat. (And then literally toss ‘em in your bag when you’re done. No worries since they’re made of crazy durable silicone!) Want to balance color temperature and change the quality of your light? Do it all at the same time by stacking as many MagMods as your heart desires. With a system this easy, your mind is free to explore new channels of creativity.IVzb-47nl2yZvcK6u1wsf6ckqsyzxaAOAkzLJ8xZ6do

The MagMod 2 Basic Kit contains everything you need to get started: (1) MagGrip (1); MagGrid 2 (1); MagGel 2 Kit (includes the MagGel 2 Slot, and 8 color gels); (1) MagMod Transmitter Band; (1) Carrying Pouch.

Each MagMod modifiers has been whittled down to its simplest, most functional form so you can concentrate on doing what you do best: capturing awesome images and knocking the socks off of your clients.

You can enter to win one of these and lots of other awesome prizes! Enter NOW!