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Aftershokz Bluez 2S

How often do you need to be connected to your phone to listen for that text tone, phone call or message and at the same time need to maintain a quite environment? Need to listen to music and hear what’s going on around you? Hate having a big ol blue tooth ear piece in your ear? Aftershokz Blues 2S might be the answer! Aftershokz has just upgraded the original Blues bone conductive headphones. This leaves your ears open to listen to what is around you. Great for things like riding a bike on the streets. When you get that call, or need to ask Siri a question, the dual noise canceling microphones does a great job keeping background noise out, and enhancing speech so people can understand you on the other end.

Now you may ask what’s this doing on a photo accessory company’s blog. This is a useful tool for us photographers. I love these when I am working in a NASCAR Garage during practices. It’s a time when full cover earphones is just to much. It also allows me to hear my phone, when I have so much gear that I can’t feel the vibration. It allows me to be safe and hear what I need to hear around the garage and from my phone. (I also use the wired Aftershokz with a scanner)

How about when I go for a hike? These things are AWESOME! it allows me to listen to the music I want with out bothering other hikers, and still able to keep my ears open to what’s around me. You can check these out here: http://aftershokz.com/collections/wireless/products/bluez-2s At the time of this posting, they are on Pre-order.

One really cool note about the Aftershokz, they have helped people hear when they have never heard before. Its the way the sound travels through the bone instead of the ear cannel Pretty cool stuff!