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The Huge Flippin’ GiveAway-The Grip&Shoot

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Face it. We have all used our phones as a camera or video camera. I am sure many of us own a selfie stick. Some of us even have a blue tooth remote trigger. Go ahead, admit it, it’s ok!

One of the things i like to do on my Disney trips is selfies with some of the lesser thanked cast members, from the hotel maid to the custodians. After all, they play a huge roll in the magic of the parks. I will also admit that i have been known to grab a selfie with Micky and his friends. It’s harder now that selfie sticks are banned from the parks. Now there is a solution! And it’s in our Grand Prize in the Big Flippin’ Give-a-way!


The Grip&Shoot is a great way to take that selfie. It has a trigger to fire the shutter, and + and – buttons to zoom in and out. Gone are the awkward position holding to phone and being able to hit the fire button. And, your finger wont cover the lens!

Many of the devices i have used in the past have a proprietary case, making it impossible to use your existing case or battery case. While the Grip&Shoot comes with a plastic case for the iPhone 4 and 5, it also comes with Jawz, a universal adapter that will hold about any phone with or with out a case. When not in use it folds out of the way.


How it works:

The Grip&Shoot is run by it’s own app and connects through Bluetooth right in the app. The grip it self is made out of a high grade plastic, and fits easily in the palm of your hand, and the buttons are easy to reach. with your index finger and thumb. In the app it self, you can do some pretty awesome things, like over or under expose your image, You can also change your white balance. For composing the image, there are three grid styles to choose from. It’s a very well thought out app. Of course, it has all the normal features like your image size/shape, reverse camera, and toggle the flash from off, on, and continuous. You can toggle Geo Tagging too.  That is  just on the picture side. It would be great for phone video too. the +/- buttons makes it easy to pan in and out during live video. There are endless possibility to how you can use this creatively!



iPhone:4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6/6s, 6+/6s+ iPod: 3rd Gen and newer

iPad: 3rd Gen and newer iPad Mini: All supported


Samsung Galaxy Note: 3, 4, 5 Samsung Galaxy: S4, S5, S6

Google Nexus: 4, 5, 6 HTC One

Enter the Huge Flippin GiveAway!

More information at the Grip&Shoot Website:

Their Christmas Special sale on the GRIP&SHOOT System is from Dec: 20th – Jan 3rd . You can use code XMAS at checkout to receive 20% off!