The Huge Flipping Give Away, The thinkTank Photo StreetWalker Harddrive and Blue CityWalker 30

I have personally been a huge fan of thinkTank Photo Gear since their inception just about. I have several pieces of their gear in my personal collection, and I used all of them. One piece I do not have is the StreetWalker Hard Drive. But this back pack looks Serious. streetwalker-harddrive-1

Instead of me listing all the features, Jump on over to the thinkTank Photo Website and check it out! Would you like to win one? It’s part of our Grand Prize in our Huge Flippin’ Give Away, and if you enter, and visit the ThinkTank Photo Website you can get 5 extra entries today!

In our Second prize in the Huge Flippin’ Give Away we have the thinkTank Photo City Walker 30 in Blue.


Now this is a bag I have personally. It’s my go to bag when I just need a few pieces of gear on the big stuff, or want to carry all of my Sony Mirrorless toys. The Strap is perfect for our Clip for the Lens Flipper, as well as the side pockets for the Clip on the pad. Big plus, there is room for a tablet too. It’s plenty deep enough for long lenses, even with a Lens Flipper on them. For us guys: It turns into a large purse murce  European Shoulder Bag, being able to take out the inserts. It’s a bag I use quite often!

But you can’t win if you don’t enter the  Huge Flippin’ Give Away, If you enter, then visit the ThinkTank Photo Website you can get 5 extra entries today!