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Go Wing is a representative of the Albatross. An albatross is known for being able to fly higher then any other bird, and can stay in the air for 50 days with out a rest. The Albatross can fly hundreds if not thousands of miles with out landing. And, can boast a wing span of over 12 feet!

It is the hope of Go Wing that we enable our employees, and as important, our customers to be able to unfold their wings and fly to their dreams.



HyunJun Kim
Creator of the Lens Holder

HyunJun Kim, Creator of the Lens Holder

GoWing Korea

HyunJun Kim is the CEO/President of Go Wing. Jun is also a specialized photographer and designer of the Lens Flipper™, also known international as the Lens Holder. Jun enjoys camping and wake boarding. Jun is from and lives in Korea.

Doug Kranz
CEO and chief bottle washer

Doug Kranz, CEO and chief bottle washer


Meet Doug, the CEO and chief bottle washer at Gowing USA. Doug has been a motorsports photographer for most of his photography career. He has a background as an event photographer, and owned a studio. Doug enjoys summers helping manage a family campground in the 1000 Islands Region of New York. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife Becky, faithful dog Darci, and pretty much useless cat Sidknee. In addition to being a photographer, he enjoys serving at his church as an online host for online services.. Last, Doug is a Disney Dork and avid Disney Pin Trader and collector.



Faithful Dog Darci

Faithful Dog Darci

Darci's sole job at GoWing USA is to alert when the post person comes. Darci loves walks, treats, walks, swimming, walks, napping, walks, and barking at the postman, or any one else that walks by. Oh, and Darci really likes walks

Pretty much useless cat, Sidknee

Pretty much useless cat, Sidknee

Sidknee has no job. Unless you count napping, eating, or howling at 3AM for treats. Sidknee has no purpose at GoWing USA, but does a great job at sleeping in Doug's chair. We may knock Sidknee for his lack of usefulness, but we love him just the same. Well most of us. Darci on the other hand...



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